Moving forward

Over the weekend I decided to change the look and feel of my blog. I'm using one of the default templates from Blogger with some additional scripting for items such as:

Aesthetically, I think it is a little easier on the eyes though I'm annoyed that my name keeps wrapping but I can let that slide.

For my next set of posts, I will be focusing on the tasks that a Business Analyst will be expected to perform during the different activities that occur in a system development life cycle. I am using the word activities rather than phases, because the latter leads people to think of a more waterfall-type of approach.

While there is nothing wrong with that, I want you to realize that when Agile methodologies are employed, some requirements sets will be in the process of being implemented, while others will be in the process of being built, while others will still be in requirements gathering stages. Based on the stage a requirements set is in, different support activities will be needed.

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