Project prioritization goals

Continuing on from my post, Why prioritize projects?, prioritization is important because,

  1. It provides focus to the more important initiatives. Companys can concentrate on what really matters to them and not be distracted by the latest fad.
  2. Money, time and people are scarce resources. Proper management and effective use of these resources can only benefit a company.
  3. In order to prioritize projects you much be able to compare them against each other objectively. This apples to apples comparison removes bias from decision-making.
  4. Clear direction and visibility to everyone in the company, not just the main decision-makers. Everyone is on the same page. We all know what can happen when things are not clear.

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Сергей Марченко said...

Thanks a lot! Very actual theme for me. As addition I recommend to read the article Prioritization of personal goals and affairs