Webinars: PPM & ITIL

Here are some webinars that may be of interest. Note that you may need to sign-up to get access to them.

Project Portfolio Management for the Skeptical IT Organization
You want to run IT like a business; you know Project Portfolio Management (PPM) can get you there, but you are worried about long implementations, high price tags, and consultants taking residence in your shop. In this webcast you'll learn how a web-based model with the right level of functionality has helped organizations like yours get a PPM solution up and running in two weeks and producing value right away.

Part I: Introduction to ITIL for the IT Executive - Podcast - Expert Podcast
Based on a practical approach to addressing real-world challenges of IT service management, ITIL allows organizations to better package and deliver IT services to their customers. ITIL enables IT organizations to align their capabilities with business requirements.

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