Webinar: Requirements-driven testing

There's a webinar offered by Compuware called, Requirements-driven testing—The journey from business needs to test and user acceptance. The event will occur on February 6, 2007 @2:00 pm EST (11:00 am PST.) Here's a brief description of the event.

IDC’s research indicates that 70-80 percent of IT project failures result directly from poor requirements gathering, management and analysis. With a requirements-driven testing approach, you can improve the quality of your requirements, involve QA earlier in the life cycle and maximize the ability of your projects to deliver on all of their objectives.


Craig said...

Hi Marcus

A bit late for the webinar, but the Requirements Journey sure is a critical part of project success.

I've been mulling over the idea that these days the Business Analyst is the owner of quality on projects while the project manager deals with the budget and timelines.

A simplification, but what do you think?

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Marcus Ting-A-Kee said...

That's an interesting idea Craig. I hadn't really thought of it from that perspective before.

Generally, the PM is accountable for the finances, time line and scope. However, a BA can be vital for adoption and making sure the clients get what they need / want.

Are you looking at quality from the perspective of the requirements, the ultimate deliverables, the adoption of those deliverables (e.g., solution) or all of the above?

I'd probably say a bit of each.

Personally, I favor the creation of value for the client. An amazing solution which no one uses isn't amazing in my eyes.