Requirement Gathering Techniques - Part IV - The end

Let's close the loop on this series of posts by recapping what I have covered.

  1. Understand the requirement gathering situation you are facing. What is the nature of the project? How urgent is it? Are there knowledgeable resources that can be leveraged?
  2. Choose the most appropriate requirement gathering methods for the task at hand based on your knowledge of the situation.
  3. Using the number of times you believe you will need to use a specific requirement gathering method, estimate how long it will take you.
  4. Set expectations with your clients using your estimates and aspire to meet them. You may need to be flexible and negotiate a mutually acceptable expectation.

I know all of this is common sense but it will go a long way towards managing your clients' expectations about your deliverables and building trust. Of course, you will still need to execute according to your plan and show how you are progressing.

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