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Changes to this blog

  • Added Feedblitz so readers can receive email updates.
  • Added my tags so anyone can view them by keyword.
  • Changed how my links look so that the tags associated with them are also shown. This change was also made to clear up a rendering problem I noticed when I used Opera to view the blog.

From an aesthetics perspective, it is starting to get a little crowded; at least that is my opinion. However, I do not feel like mucking around with the templates or doing any HTML coding so I will let it go. service disruptions

I have seen a few reports of having service disruptions. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. Annoying but since I do not feel like moving to a new provider...

Next posts

Sorry, I have been a little tied up with work to post much this passed week. I hope no one minds my slightly off-theme posts on marketing topics. My next post will be on the last P in marketing (e.g., not a member of the marketing mix.) Afterwards, I will try to tie together marketing concepts to practical, day-to-day aspects of your life and how it may change your approach to things.

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