Poll: What do you use for requirements management?

What requirements management tool do you use and why do you use it? I've placed a poll on the right menu bar.

What do you like about it and what don't you like?


Stewart Rogers said...

You should add FeaturePlan to your list? Although more than a Requirement Management tool, it is still used as that.

Al said...

I'm surprised the survey lets you pick only one choice. Why not allow multiple selections? At our firm, we use Word, Excel, and a Wiki.

Marcus Ting-A-Kee said...

I forgot to state what my company uses. We use a combination of Word, Excel and Telelogic DOORS. Here are my thoughts on DOORS.

Easy to bulk edit requirements.
Add data fields (e.g., categories, status) to provide additional context to requirements.
Easy to link requirements for traceability.
More like Lotus 123 than Excel (control key driven.)
Not the nicest interface.
Takes a while to learn how to use it. And then longer to learn how to use it well.

Marcus Ting-A-Kee said...

I've switched the poll to Opinion Republic which supports multiple entries as well as user submissions.

ashmi said...

Where can I find the Poll results?

Marcus Ting-A-Kee said...

It looks like OpinionRepublic.com has taken itself offline. Sorry the results are not available.