Building a presentation - Part 5

I gave a quick run through of my presentation for the individual setting up the session. This opportunity was used to confirm that I was on the right track and to gather additional information to make the presentation more personal and appealing.

Things that I learned that would helpful included:

  • Additional issues facing the audience. Now that I know all of their issues I can make sure that my presentation dialog addresses them.
  • All of their reservations about the chosen requirements management product, Telelogic DOORS. Many people have developed first impressions of the product based on what they've heard from other individuals. One of my goals is to educate them so they can develop more informed opinions (on the product.)
  • Obtaining specific examples of problems this team has had with requirements and requirements management in general. Nothing hits home as well as this.
All my demos are ready. My handout props are set. Now if I can just remember my own presentation tips I'll be good to go! My revised presentation is available on esnips.

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